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Friday, February 18, 2005


The 2005 DUFF ballot is out -- in fact, you can find it here. Download a copy and VOTE!

Two great science fiction fans are competing to serve as the North American delegate to next June's National Convention in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. They are CHRIS BARKLEY and JOE SICLARI. You can find their bidding platforms and a bit about their fannish credentials on the ballots themselves, but we can assure you that both gents have been active, constructive, and delightful fans for many years, and, more importantly, are great friends to any and all they meet. What a terrific choice you will have when you fill out your DUFF ballot!

In future postings we'll share news and comment about the DUFF race, but in the meantime, feel free to download the DUFF ballot and distribute it as widely as you wish. Clubzine editors -- newszine editors -- con chairpeople -- this means you. Our deadline is April 15. The fee is four bucks US or $6 Australian. The money goes to pay for the trip.

Questions? Contact Rosy and me -- the current North American delegates -- at GHLIII@yahoo.com. Hey -- this is fannish history! Be part of it!


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