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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Calling all fans! -- or at least, every North American fan who has ever wanted to visit OZ ...

2005 could be your chance! For the Down Under Fan Fund will be selecting a new delegate for North American Sf fandom to the June, 2005 Australian National SF Convention in Hobart, Tasmania -- and it could be you!

Find three American, Canadian or Mexican science fiction fans, and two from Australia and/or New Zealand. When nominations become open (on January 1, 2005) ask them to send letters of nomination to the current North American DUFF administrators, GUY & ROSY LILLIAN, at P.O. Box 53092, New Orleans LA 70153-3092 (or GHLIII@yahoo.com).

You, the candidate, send us a $25 bond, a pledge to attend the Natcon if elected and to administer the DUFF fund until your successor is chosen, and a 100-word platform. Ballots will go out on FEBRUARY 15th, 2005, and votes -- with a minimum $4 US ($6 Australian) fee -- will be accepted until MAY 1st, 2005. Either Guy & Rosy or the Australia/New Zealand delegate, NORMAN CATES, will accept ballots -- but we're getting far ahead of ourselves!

Two months remain until nominations are closed! Plenty of time to get a campaign together -- run for DUFF -- and fulfill the fannish dream of a lifetime, a journey to Oz ...


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